samedi 22 mars 2008

Wes Anderson

NOTE: Below in the last paragraph I wrote "her friend Emily". Emily turned out to be my classmate from high school! And not Jean's friend who I have never met before. Just wanted that to be known.

Amazing, amazing. Saw Wes Anderson, my hero, the reason for my future struggles and rare if any small successes in the future, at Fnac today. And it was everything I hoped and imagined it to be. He was hilarious and humble, soft-spoken and articulate. I heart this man. Roman Coppola was there too--also cool. Anyway, won't write much about it, I just want to keep this experience in my heart forever. Afterwards, he was pretty much mobbed by adoring fans, and I didn't want to be a part of it. I saw him speak, I got some good photos, he actually freaking looked at me in the EYE at one point while he was looking around the room, and I was a couple rows behind his translator and sitting in a way so I could see the whole group speak, so that was MAGIC. And I didn't feel the need to go over there and be a part of that. Everything else was sufficient. If I wanted to meet him, as Stacy had said, she would want it to be in a way so that he knew me. So I gots to get my work out there and get all acclaimed writer/director and crap before he meets me, haha. Preferably at Cannes at some party we'll get introduced to each other, and then he'll ask me to join him and Jason Schwartzman for dinner or drinks, and then Jason Schwartzman will fall in love with me, and we'll be a famous film team. Elaine Schwartzman. And Sofia Coppola will be a bridesmaid. Yeah!

Also, sidenote: Stacy's here. Asleep right now, but here in one piece. Going to get fondue with Jean and her friend Emily tonight. Good times.