lundi 24 mars 2008


Wow, have never done so much in two days! I am exhausted again. I need to start working out or something. It's hard to keep up with Stacy who is a rainbow/squirrel/ball of energy rolled into one.

She did crash the first day from jetlag which is why she didn't come to fondue. I met up with Jean and Emily at Montmartre at this fondue place that gives you wine and baby bottles. It was absolutely insane! We met up with these 2 American guys and girls who were visiting Paris, and they were really funny and cool. A great time. I had two baby bottles of wine, but only because the waiter and Emily made me do it!! Naw, he was really sweet because I spoke French for my friends and just got me one. By the end, the 7 of us were all stumbling, and in my drunkness I asked, "Do you guys have Facebook?" It was silent for a second, and I though, "Oh shit", and then they said, "YEAH!" A pen and paper was passed around and we got each other's names. So now I'm going to have acquaintances from Texas, West Virginia, and New York!

On Sunday, went to the Cinematheque since it was free. I wish I went to church for Easter, but it's hard to do the things you want to do when you have someone visiting you. God has not been replaced with Cinema, haha. Susie came too, but at the cutoff for the free entrance, so I felt bad.

After, met up with Sarah H. and I took Stacy to lunch nearby the Notre Dame. I found this decent cafe and always wanted to go there. Might go there for studying, the people are really nice, and it's comfier than the Saint Medard. I had a croque but with mozzarella and tomatoes.

We got tickets to Be Kind Rewind, then passed the time going down St. Germain. Like Catherine, Stacy likes to shop, so we ducked into a little boutique to look around. I helped Stacy get a dress and jacket. She has this thing when she knows an interesting person (like yours truly) she asks them to go with her on a shopping day where that person is her personal stylist. In exchange for my fashion advice, she buys the person the metro ticket for shopping and lunch. So, we spent one day at Union Square in SF buying her clothes.

I made her try on things she wouldn't usually wear like mini-skirts and tight jeans, because she has a cute body and should show it off. So I helped her pick dresses and jackets yesterday and told her what would go well with the jacket she bought. Being a fashion stylist is fun! I think I dress okay, not amazing, I just like looking unique and buying things that flatter my body and make me feel confident.

I also got myself a really cute skirt for spring. It's a gray prairie skirt, pleated and full, and there's a petticoat underneath with an eyelet border that peaks out under the skirt every so often when you walk with it on. It looks so coyboyish and American, I love it. I had my boots on and tights when I wore it, and that looked cute. It also had deep pockets that I could hide my hands in! I could not say no, I had to have it. Finding something cute and unique makes me happy, and it gave me great joy to wear it. It's weird how clothing can make you feel confident.

Saw the film, which was okay, I just liked the sweded parts and filmmaking parts. After, we chilled at my house since I was tired. Then, we headed to Les Caves Lechapelais for a "gothic soiree" because ladies before midnight were free. It was really cool and interesting, but I was so exhausted so I just watched all the gothic people dance. Susie made an interesting comment that she liked seeing all the "awkward" people here. It's no exaggeration that in all my time here I haven't seen a gothic looking kid, I really don't mean to generalize, but I can't find another way to say it. So does it make sense that after seeing all these cool and interesting people, I can breathe a sigh of relief that Paris isn't just Louis Vuitton and Longchamps bags and boots and skinny jeans on girls, and it's not all suits on guys or plain but nice clothing? Beneath that--in the caves (basement) for example--the awkward kids are there, dancing their hearts out to loud German music.

They had this sort of laser light thing, and it freaking looked like something out of Star Wars, it would actually shoot the light like a space gun that fires lasers or something, and I was scared out of my mind, but it was cool to watch Susie and Stacy dance to it. I was just cowering on the sidelines, trying not to get shot at last night.

Also am in touch with the web designer for Rushmore Academy (we became friends on Facebook!), and I'm going to write a report for him on Wes Anderson's masterclass at Fnac! Sweetness. I'd like to think that I'm a foreign correspondent for film in Paris. How cool would that be to live in Paris and just write in English? Kind of like what I'm doing right now.