samedi 29 mars 2008

a productive first day

Last night had the most awesomest impromptu dinner party with Cher, Char, Susie, Sarah, and Lily. The feast included the before mentioned roast chicken, potatoes, salad, bread (courtesy of Susie) and cheese, wine and sangria (courtesy of Lily and Sarah), and for dessert, my own concoction of crispy sugary pastry topped with vanilla ice cream with caramelised pecans and garnished with chocolate lady fingers (also courtesy of Lily and Sarah). I am Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, I only took before and after pictures.

Funny story. So, I shop at a different butcher now for chicken, the one that Lucia likes better and so do I because all the guys that work there are hot or were once hot maybe but are old now. They also cook an amazing chicken. They were closing up and cleaning, and hot butcher gives me my chicken and the receipt and I go pay inside. Then all my change in my wallet spills onto their floor, it sounded like Vegas. All the guys went, "OOOHHH!!! JACKPOT!!!" And they laughed in a goodhearted way, but I was so embarrassed. I had my money out in exact change, and I give it to the guy right after picking up my change, and he laughed and said, "Oh! C'est parfait!!" (It's perfect). I love paying in exact change. He told me to have a good night and see you soon. I left the lovely butcher men feeling the glow of schoolgirly happiness in my cheeks, a spring in my step.

Great dinner. We put the sangria outside on my windowsill to get cold. The girls asked Cher and Char what the weather was like back in so cal. After, we watched videos on YouTube, the feature of the night being Cher's breakdance battle with her boyfriend. It was too hilarious. We laughed so hard, me with tears in my eyes. We watched it again. Then we watched some dog videos that Susie liked and also Human Tetris videos. Good times.

Today, woke up pretty early. We walked up my street, to Notre Dame. We took funny pics, me and Cher, trying to hang from the bridge. Char wanted to stop because she saw people laughing at us. I didn't care, that made me happy. We walked inside as well. I took Char to Gibert Jeune and got her a fountain pen since I missed out on her birthday and Christmas.

Then walked to Jardin du Luxembourg. We sat in front of the fountain, soaking it all in. Took them to Crepes A Gogo for some galettes, a wheatier, healthier crepe that's filled with savory stuff rather than nutella. They loved it. Then treated them to cafe noisettes, which they also liked. Went to DuBois, an art shop, and I got Cher a quill and ink for her birthday/Christmas since I missed that as well. I love giving gifts that are inspired from my old-fashioned interests. I want to bring back the old ways as much as I can. Plus, they both really wanted these pens.
Went to the Pantheon and saw the tombs of Voltaire, Marie Curie, and others. Then we walked home. I took us in a giant circle so they didn't see things twice. I'm getting better at this host/tourist guide thing.