jeudi 5 juillet 2007

chambre de bonne

I think I found my new home in the 18th arrondissement! I'm currently communicating with a girl who is renting out a studio in Montmartre, which is in the northern part of Paris and closer to Paris VIII-St. Denis where I'll be attending classes. It's not for sure yet. I've always wanted to live in Montmartre and fulfill my Amelie fantasy, and I've been on Paris craigslist everyday looking for a place to stay.

The flat has a full kitchen and bathroom, a loft where my bed will be, and it's fully furnished. It's super cute, and close to the open markets and metro. I hope I get it, but if not, that's cool too. I heard it's not too difficult to find a place to live. The plan is that we arrive on the 25th of August, and we're given university housing for 10 days and within those 10 days, we're supposed to find a place to stay. And they said that almost everyone finds a place to stay that they are happy with.

I wanted to live alone in a studio and not with roommates because, well, I'm a "loner", as my Dad called it. No, but seriously, I've been sharing a room for the last three years, and it's been really great, no complaints, but I'd like to try the experience of living alone and being more indie. It'll be good for me. My Dad, when he was stationed in Spain, lived by himself, and I'm sort of following in his footsteps.

In other news, I just got back from Vegas and got lucky since I just turned 21 too. Came home with $700 bucks after shelling out $300 on the slots. So a profit of $400 which is not too shabby, I think. Money for Paris. Yay!