vendredi 14 mars 2008

west end girls: london day 4.

Monday: Last Day

Woke up kind of early thinking we were going to go to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. Didn't happen. On the way to the Tube, we both felt hungry, so we stopped at a cute patisserie. The owner was definitely French. It felt like a movie set. Nothing is this cute!I got tea (rose petal, as suggested by the owner), an almond croissant, and orange juice. Lucia got coffee, almond croissant, and juice too. We sat at a big wooden table, the kind I'd like in my home one day. It was so good. Everything, from the plates to the teacups to the shop decor was dainty and girly. Loved it.It started to pour, and Lucia didn't want to be outside, so we decided to do what most girls do when they feel like doing something...We went shopping.

Took Lucia back to Covent Garden where there are loads of shops. Beeline straight to H&M because we're always wondering if the stuff is different in each country.

Being In Love Rule of Shopping

I've developed this a while back when trying to shop on my modest college budget that was funded by my part time job. When shopping, if I fell in love with an article of clothing, if it fit me well, if I needed it, if I couldn't walk away--I bought it. It was that simple. I mentioned this to Lucia while she was debating over a faux leather jacket at H&M that looked absolutely stunning on her, complimented her skin tone, and foresaw totally adding to her wardrobe with the pieces of clothing she already had without being some piece that she had to "build on". She still wasn't sure. I asked her if she was in love with it, if she couldn't walk away without totally regretting it.

She bought it.

I've added to my rules of shopping since college in particularly since coming to France. In particularly, quality goes a really, really long way. I think I'm more willing now to hold out on something if I know it's going to last a long time, especially for something important like a wool jacket. With basics, H&M is decent and not pricey. I bought 2 hoodies, one zippered another plain just because the 2 I brought here are already dying. I've had them for a while anyway. Also, pieces that have history or even just a story to them like the Johnstons scarf are nice because they're more than the article, they mean something, have sentimental value.

Lucia bought some other essentials to her wardrobe while I just replaced what was dying. We walked some more, peeking into shops and windows. Went to an accessories store where Lucia got sunglasses, and I got my own big umbrella which I love. It's black, white, and splashes of bright green flowers. It's easy to open and close as well, easier than my pocket umbrella. We got fish and chips and a pint at a pub--most tasty.

We then headed home to pack. Stopped at a Marks and Spencers to get some traditional British dessert to eat at home. I suggested sticky toffee pudding which I had last time. God, I love Marks and Spencers and their ready to eat meals. They're quality and really tasty. Got home and packed then ate our dessert. Maek and Loz got home right before we left, and Maek gave us a ride to the Tube station.

Before leaving, we told Maek about our next trip to Italy. He was really happy for us since he really loves Rome. He really stressed how important it was for us to travel while we're young and still here. There's still the stress about where's the money going to come from, how am I going to plan this? I really think it's worth it even if it means not eating out for a while or not buying anything unneeded. I mean, even that for a couple of weeks can mean a nice weekend somewhere like Greece or Amsterdam. We're all so close to everything; we have to take advantage. Once we're back in California, a plane ticket alone to Europe can be pricey. And where will we find the time when we're not working or going to school? It's hard.

I think I did good though, as far as traveling goes. I didn't do the whole "backpack across Europe" deal, but I got to live in Paris, visit family in London, do Amsterdam, and now two weeks traveling up Italy for spring break...That's pretty good.

The train ride back was nice. I kept thinking about my own bed and going back to living alone. I was coughing up a lung the whole time and annoying loads of passengers, and Lucia was nice and got me tea. Lovely girl. I didn't even ask her to, she just offered and did. She brought back tea and a sandwich to share with me. Oh the goodness of good people.

Got home late and beat, but I got to sleep in the next day.