lundi 10 mars 2008

west end girls

Back from London!!! What a great long weekend. Thanks to Maek, Lorraine, and Jaiya for putting us up again for the second time this year!

Had a wonderful splendid time despite my sickness and coughing. Cheers to Lucia for putting up with this harbinger of disease. A real sport. We got to do touristy things as well as do what the locals do. Will re-cap each day like always. Maybe do a post on Catherine's week in between each London re-cap.


National Gallery. Hot British men saying funny things and asking questions. London Eye. 2 films watched. British food. Shopping. Free photography session with Seamus Ryan for his Sunday Shoots (thanks Maek!). Wagamama revisited. Super nice British peoples (compared to France). The "being in love" rule of shopping created by yours truly. Mr. Nicky (Jaiya's stuffed monkey).