vendredi 4 mai 2007

advising and medical results

Met with my French advisor, Madame Le Marchand. She's so awesome. She pretty much figured out the rest of my two years at SFSU. All I have to do is complete 15 units abroad (four 3-unit electives and one 3-unit culture class) and then finish 6 more units (2 classes) back at State. Easy peasey lemon squeezey. There's my French major right there, boo yah.

I figured out the math for my Cinema major as well. I can only take 12 units outside of State to count towards my cinema major. Hopefully, I can take a French elective that has film in it so that it can count for both Cinema and French. Sweetness. I told my screenwriting professor, who is also an advisor, that I was going to meet with him so that he can sign off on my study abroad papers too. Anyway, the study abroad program requires that we have at least 15 units each semester. If I'm lucky and can get into the classes I want and need, I can fulfill both the units required for both my majors. Awesomeness.

Also had my physical at San Fran International Airport. My doctor looked like David Bowie, it was surreal. I wanted to burst into song singing, "Ground control to Major Tom." But I knew that would be inappropriate. Bowie told me that I'm in excellent condition--sweetness!

Tomorrow is orientation for study abroad. After, I'm going to my friend's wedding. Ugh, I got tons of stuff to do: paper, edit my film project, a final next week. I can't believe how fast this semester went by!