vendredi 8 juin 2007

J'attends encore

I'm still waiting for my stupid passport. I think it's going to be okay since I had a dream last night where I asked a bunch of people if their passports came already, and they said no, and I felt really relieved in the dream, so naturally I feel very relieved now.

Went on a little excursion to Sin City: Las Vegas. My parents wanted to go. As I am still 20 but will be 21 in a few days, I had nothing cool to do like gamble and waste money. Instead, I wasted money at the shops. Either way, Vegas always wins. Did a lot of people watching which I enjoy, but most of these people were senior citizens, and it got a bit repetitive.

Saw Paris, Je T'aime with my best friend in So Cal. It was lovely. Some of the shorts were better than the others, but all in all it gave me a great sense of the city and its possibilities. Afterwards, my friend was all, "You might find him there." The "him" being my soul mate, my perfect other, my first [gasp!] boyfriend. Yes, I am 20 years old, days close to 21, and I've never had a boyfriend before. I'm a busy, indie girl. I'm also picky and anti-social. But it's very true, I could find a boy there that I fancy and who fancies me, a strange American girl. He doesn't have to be French. I did meet people at the study abroad orientation who did find their boy/girlfriend, and they were foriegners and American. So it just might happen that I find a cool American boy abroad. You never know, and I'm entirely open to it, especially in a city such as Paris.