vendredi 30 mai 2008

Venezia: Day 14

Venezia: Day 14

Woke up late-ish. Traveling from city to city can do that to you, especially by Day 14 of our little trip. We didn't have much planned to see, no museums we were dying to wait in line for. Today was a really easy going day. Took the metro boat to the famous Piazza San Marco and had lunch at a lovely restaurant off the square where we were served by the Venetian Steve Buscemi. He really had his face. And he was super sweet and had a thing for Lucia. See, Lucia got this dish, and for some reason she wanted sliced tomatoes, so she asked him if he could arrange that for her, and he was really nice about it and said yes. He comes back and places by her plate a bowl of TOMATO SAUCE and walked away. We all stared at each other smiling. Keisha said, "Maybe he heard 'sauce' instead of 'sliced'?" Laughable. Afterwards, Keisha and I ordered an espresso as our digestif and Lucia didn't order anything, but Seniore Buscemi came by and put down a shot of limoncello in front of her. She turned, as if to say he was mistaken, but he only winked at her and smiled. Lucia has a Venetian boyfriend! We joked all day about it.We walked by the boat docking areas and sat there and had gelato and then we perused the many souvenir carts for Venetian masks. Keisha is planning a masquerade party for her birthday next year, and she wanted all of us to get masks. I got a simple white one that covered my eye area, Lucia one with feathers, and Keisha's was huge and goldish, and perfect for her since it's for her birthday masquerade.Walked some more along the canals with no real purpose. We did want to take a gondola ride though, so we talked to a guy who wanted 80 euros for the three of us for 30 minutes. No way. Keisha said that we'll be back because we need to find an ATM. We then got it down to 20 euros each and the guy said we'll stop by an ATM in the middle of the gondola ride, haha. Sweetness.

The gondola ride was pretty sweet. What I liked was that it was solemn and quiet. We didn't really go through touristy places or bump into other gondolas. Going along the canals was just so unreal. It felt like a Disneyland ride, almost, but way better. Because this wasn't a set, this was real. People lived here. When I was a kid, I wanted to live in New Orleans Square at Disneyland.

We stopped and our gondola guy told Keisha that the ATM was across the square. He spoke a little English. We docked right next to another Gondola guy that kind of looked like a young Jack Nicholson. He was funny and posed in some photos with us while smoking on his cigarette.
For dinner, took the metro boat to another part of Venice, the less touristy part. Got off at Accademia, and tried to look for this wine bar that I read about, but no luck. We went to a restaurant that faced the ocean and had some seafood instead. Real tasty. Then got some gelato and waited for the boat to take us home.It was still light out, but we were pretty tired. We took the long way back home though on the boat going through the shipping yards and passing the train station. The girls stayed inside the boat while I stood on the starboard side watching boats pass and the lovely scenery. I can't remember everything I was feeling at that moment, but I was definitely happy to be on this trip with good people and still have time to myself. You know you've found good people to be with when they let you be who you are and understand where you're coming from. I've never had to explain myself to them or be pressured to do stuff that I didn't feel like doing. And it's like they instinctively knew that I like my time alone. God, these girls are amazing.

I thought about friends back home with boyfriends, friends with kids, and girls I graduated with that are about to get married. I'm all happy for them, and I want the best for them. But I felt odd for not sharing what they wanted or at least being in the same situations as theirs. Graduating. In a relationship. Found a job. Moved into a new apartment.

Everything happens for a reason, I guess. If I hadn't made the choices I made, I wouldn't be standing here on this boat watching gondolas float by, feeling the cool salty wind brush my face and sensing that wherever I was, whether it be in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, or here on this boat, that wherever I was, I was home.