jeudi 29 mai 2008

all in all...a good day

I had a huge grammar test today. It was really long, but I feel like it went well. Morgan finished early and went down to the lunch truck, kind of like those food trucks in LA that sell food outside of construction sites for workers. When I got out of class she told me that the sweet lunch lady asked about me and Susie. Every Thursday I get a tuna baguette there and a bottle of water if I forgot mine. What a nice lady. So that made my day.

The class after my grammar class was canceled so I took my lunch (paid a visit to lunch lady!) and went to Ile St. Louis to eat beside the Seine and write a little. It was overcast out, but still nice. Perused some books at bookstores nearby then went home.

I wonder if couples traveling ever break up after a trip. I was on the bus, and I saw this couple outside, and they were for sure tourists. They just have that look. The girl was cute, dressed nicely. The guy looked a bit douchey--he was wearing a souvenir beret and aviator sunglasses. He had a map out. They looked like they were arguing lightly, and she looked maybe embarrassed to be with him. Just standing far away from him, arms crossed and looking around a lot to see if people are watching. I dunno. Trips should bring people together. Maybe it's over with and they're making out in front of the Eiffel right now.

I did a crapload of drawing today. Like two hours worth, it was really fun. It's almost as good as writing. Almost. The advantage being that it recalls memories faster. Like today, I drew the St. Denis lunch lady. I think drawing allows me to connect with that inner child, it helps me de-stress, I's just fun. I don't know why I didn't draw sooner. I just hope that I make time for it when I go home.