mercredi 11 juillet 2007

ma mere

I told my Mom about my housing plans, and she went ahead (without me knowing!) and emailed a French professor about whether or not living in Montmartre is a good idea. The professor advised her that although it's a pictoresque place, the area is not safe, especially around the Pigalle metro which is nearby the red light district where there are a lot of porn shops and hookers. Yech!

And even though that flat is not near Pigalle, Mom is still wary and would rather have me live in the Latin Quartier where there are many students. I love how she does stuff like this because I know she worries about her little girl going abroad. She loves me, and she doesn't want me to get hurt. I love you too Mom! I bet grandma worried about her coming to the States when she was my age. I can just imagine Grandma saying, "I don't want you living in Chicago!" Haha. And she didn't. She lived in Peoria. History repeats itself in strange ways.

So, my dream of living an Amelie/starving student-writer lifestyle in Montmartre is gone, for the moment. I'm going to wait until I actually get to France to find a place to live, which is the smart thing to do. I guess I've been just too excited about living there that I want to start everything. I made a resolution when I turned 21 to live for the present, and finding an apartment in Paris while I'm still in SF is not living for the present. If I take care of the present, then the future will take care of itself. So I gotta take care of things here like see my dentist and doctor and optometrist and all that. Bah! The present it not fun.