dimanche 25 mai 2008

j'aime...la liste.

Things I like:

1* watercolors
2* sitting in parks to study with chocolate and fruit to eat
3* sitting in cafés to study with a demi-citron to drink
4* 1664 Blanc in its blue bottle
5* wearing a button-down over a flowy dress
6* stores dedicated to certain things (http://www.geant-beaux-arts.fr/) and Dubois on rue Soufflot
7* wearing flowy dress with my rugged engineer boots
8* not wearing a watch
9* mimes
10* finding new uses with old things (Bonne Maman jam jar for water when painting)
11* calligraphy
12* girls wearing high-tops and dresses
13* guys wearing 5 day stubble and wrinkled button-downs cuffed to elbow
14* brebis fromage + tuc crackers (+ jam, as suggested by Melissa, but I've never tried it)
15* square scarf as a headband
16* shortcuts or different paths to the same place
17* Monoprix peach champagne
18* when boys think I'm cute and tell me so (thanks Taylor!)
19* hosting dinner party
20* looking at all the color choices at Dubois (see 6*)
21* seeing my priests on bikes or wearing sandals while shopping for fruit
22* giving old people directions
23* tartines: opened faced sandwich