jeudi 6 mars 2008


So here's the surprise I was talking about...

When I was down, I used to go onto the Why We Write blog to get inspired by all these film and tv writers who wrote essays on why they wrote. Then they said that you can send in your own essay on why you write. So, at 1 in the morning I was typing furiously on why I wrote in the context of being abroad. I've always had many reasons to write, but after being in France, more reasons seem to have cropped up. I sent in my essay, not thinking it would be featured, just wanting to have it written out.

It was great news when Charlie of the site wanted to feature mine! I nearly died of heart attack. Check it!

I want to thank Charlie Craig and Thania St. John for creating this website in the midst of the strikes in LA. And to all the writers who shared their writing experience. It was uplifting and inspirational. I love reading about other writers. Special thanks to Charlie who picked mine.