lundi 3 mars 2008

is this really happening?

C. and I came back from Pigalle. Hung out with Susie and Melissa with Maximators (tall beer can with 11.6% alcohol). I had half a Navigator which is 8.6%. Went up Sacre Coeur--lovely at night, but not too many lights. An ambulance was up there, facing the view too and playing loud rap. It was interesting. If I was an EMT in Paris on my break, I'd do that too.

Before that, the opera. Pretty sweet! My first time at the opera, probably not my last, it was pretty cool. The male lead looked like the drug dealer in Pulp Fiction, the actor, not the character. We had espressos beforehand down the street and window shopped.

This morning, C., on one of her crazy, "spontaneous" turns got a deluxe suite for one night at the Hotel Raphael where they filmed Hotel Chevalier. She wanted us to stay in a room just like the one Jason Schwartzman stayed in. She made the reservation while using my cell phone, and I just stood there, jaw dropped. She said that I deserved a vacation. So after Versailles tomorrow, we're checking in there for the night--insanity!