dimanche 16 mars 2008


So, been blogging about my journeys like I promised. Since being home, just trying to take it easy and get over this cold and catching up in my classes. Bought the plane tickets for Italy already and booked hostels in Florence and Venice--yay! I can't believe it's only in 5 weeks or so. Very excited. It just seems like a dream, don't think it'll hit me until we board that plane. Will also travel by train from Rome to Florence and Florence to Venice. That'll be cool.

I'm no doctor or anything, but I figured I got the sickness from all the running around tourist-style with Catherine which I'm not used to. And from being totally dehydrated all week. We'd get espressos at cafes or to go when we were out. I only had maybe 3 cups of tea that whole week when I usually have at least 4 cups of tea a day (2 in morning, 2 in afternoon). Coffee is dehydrating anyway. I had no idea that I was not drinking enough water so I think that's what helped get me sick. So drink water, kids!!! I think I'll bring loads of tea bags to Italy so I can have tea whenever.

Also, this is stupid, but my favorite pair of jeans that I've had for 4 years is getting a hole in the..erm...upper thigh section. NNNOOO!!! I knew this was going to happen, but didn't think it'd come so soon! I thought we'd at least reach the summer together, in one piece. They're a pair of Gap "pencil cut" jeans which Gap doesn't even do anymore. Le sigh. And all the jeans here are weird and are cut for tall, insect women, not stumpy Hobbit-like folk. Blurg.

Planning to see The Darjeeling Limited at my favorite cinema in Paris, you know the place. I can't believe they're playing it here! It's like the Grand Action people read my MySpace or Facebook and my blogs and know what I like. Wes Anderson is the reason I'm a film major. It's funny that this movie is coming into my life at a time where I'm really been into travel by train and the idea of spiritual journeys and so forth. Most of the movie takes place on a real train and is about three brothers on a journey in India. Also read an interview that Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman--co-writers of the film--we're writing it while in Paris! They'd sit in cafes at night and write together. Jason Schwartzman even said that Wes Anderson lives in Paris!! It's just so weird and cool, all these connections. How cool would it be if I was in some cafe, and Wes Anderson just sat down next to me. I'd be giddy as a schoolgirl. Also, am developing a bit of a crush on Jason Schwartzman after watching all the interviews. He seems like a normal, humble guy.

Dinner last night at Kathy's was amazing. She made this salad dressing that was to die for. She gave me and Lucia the recipe. I'm going to try it out tonight. Kathy's staying longer in Europe and plans to backpack after school. Lucky girl. It would be nice to come back here in 5 years or so and do the backpack thing. It feels like, as far as seeing the world goes, it feels like people do Europe in their teens and early twenties, South America in their late twenties, then after that Asia around 30s, 40s, and 50s. It's just a thought I had. All I know is that I want India to be the last new place I visit. Sounds weird, but it's this sort of spiritual journey thing I'd like to do someday.