lundi 17 mars 2008

coming to an end

Something like 15 weeks now until I go home. I have mixed feelings about it all. This all occurred to me when I realized that I was 3/4 done with my first Moleskine.

I've been a Moleskine fan since high school when I bought my first one on Irving at an adorable shop called Wishbone while staying with my brother in SF. There was something about its simplicity and history that attracted me. To write in the same kind of notebook that Hemingway and Picasso used...I wanted to be a part of that. I loved its simple design and features: the accordion pocket in the back, the bookmark, the band to keep it closed. The paper is acid free and thick enough for a fountain pen to write in without bleeding through. I swear I'm not getting paid to write this.

I only used it sparingly, for some reason I wouldn't leave the house with it for fear that I might lose it somewhere. It was my first Moleskine. A pocket one with graph paper instead of lined. I've always liked graph. I have 3 now: this one, a red limited edition weekly planner, and the Paris City Book. Had the first one for three years or so then started carrying it around when I started using a bag (I didn't use purses that much). Got the other two here because there's so much more selection of Moleskines here. It is European after all. But now, after three years with my first Moleskine, after months of toting it around Paris, London, and Amsterdam, it's almost full. I'm thinking I'll get through Italy with it and finish it there. But who knows I could finish it here if I get some good material (quotes! film ideas! other random things!).

Some blog news: Am having loads of fun making blog banners from the photos I've taken so will probably update the blog banner every week which'll be cool, I think. Also, am looking into changing up the colors for spring. Maybe a change around the equinox? Blogs are so much fun!! Here are two lists. Haven't done lists in a long time.

1. Reading: Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl, various homework papers.
2. Studying: French revolution, negation expletif, sujonctif.
3. Writing: wedding film for Kuya.
4. Watching: Saw Run Fatboy Run. I LOVE Simon Pegg. Hilarious actor. He's not too shabby in the more dramatic scenes either (ie on the balcony with Thandie Newton). Also second season Psych because the writing is too much some times. I wish I could write that funny.

Never leave home without:
1. Moleskine!: either my city book or my regular book. When I travel, it's always my planner and the regular book that comes with me.
2. Wallet: Durh. Navigo in the pocket with my cards so I never lose it.
3. Lip balm: I'm a lip balm fiend.
4. Lamy fountain pen
5. Bottle of water: Lesson learned.
6. Kleenex
7. Camera: Depends on where I'm going.
8. Umbrella: If it looks like it's going to rain.
9. Hair ties
10. Cell phone