jeudi 20 mars 2008

my backpack has been to Greece

Went to see Darjeeling yesterday. Awesome. Loved it. More than The Life Aquatic even.

Has something ever come into your life and it just fits, it makes sense with everything that's happening in your life at that moment? That was Darjeeling for me. It was about travel and finding yourself and the journeys we take with the people we love. I don't think I'll ever forget sitting in that darkness between Lily and Susie and just laughing at some dialogue or something that looked especially hilarious and just being totally and utterly happy. And it's just so effing simple what it takes for me to be happy, being with friends at my favorite Parisian cinema watching a good film.

Susie went to Greece this past weekend. Every time I see a photo of Greece or see it in movies, I can never believe my eyes, it looks like some fantasy land where the gods party. What are those mortals doing there? Anyway, I let her use my backpack since she only had a school backpack but I thought that she might have an easier time trekking around with mine. So my backpack has been to Greece and I haven't which is hilarious to me.

Went to the Mayflower for the first time in a long time to meet up with Melissa, Susie, and Melissa's brother. Melissa and her brother were sightseeing in the area. David was working too, so it was nice seeing him again, and he asked how I was. Just little pleasantries. Got my framboise. Later he came by with some savory snacks, these Cheetos that tasted like pizza. So good! Then he gave me and Susie baseball caps with the Timmermans logo on it since we ordered framboises! Pretty sweet.

Before Darjeeling last night, I had some free time, so I decided to open up Paint and make a comparison between the balcony shots in Hotel Chevalier and the photo we took from our room next door to the room they shot in. Here's what I got:
Heck yes, isn't that freaking awesome?! You can see the brasserie and all that. Flipping sweet. I can't believe they filmed next door to our room. In the actual film, he says he's staying in room 403, but they really filmed in room 404. Our room was 403, and it wasn't like the room in the film, it was bigger. We looked at a floor plan of the 4th floor and found that the room they really filmed in was in 404, next door to ours.

There was a door in our room that led to the room that they filmed in, but of course it was locked. Catherine even said, "What if Wes Anderson stayed in this room. Wouldn't that make sense?!?! That he'd stay next door to the room that they'd film in?" We were probably drunk when we had this conversation.