mercredi 19 mars 2008

you look devastated

History of Paris teacher is amazing, knowledgeable and passionate. Got an A on my paper today. Woo-hoo! She also doesn't seem to mind that I daydream. Once, during one of our visits, she was talking about something, I don't remember I wasn't listening because I was looking at the stained glass windows in the church St. Etienne. She comes up behind me, startling me by putting her arm around my shoulders saying, "C'est belle, non? Regarde..." (Isn't it beautiful? Look...). Super sweet lady. She kind of reminds me of a mother hen. She's kind of...hen-shaped. And I mean this in the most endearing way.

After class, ate at BIA with Melissa, Kathy, and Lucia. Good times. The waiter was funny. It was his first day. We sat outside in the cold for a bit, then he let us go inside when a table opened up. When he came out with our food he set it down, and then he said to me, "Do you need something? You look devastated." I thought his choice of the word "devastated" was hilarious, but he was quite astute, I did need something: mayonnaise. I like mayo with my fries. You're probably puking your guts out right now, but I find it quite tasty like most French do. Anyway, he was nice.

Oh I miss London so much! I love watching films about cities I know. It's especially nice to be able to shout in your head, "I've been there! I know where that is!" This happened when watching Run Fatboy Run. It happens when watching SF, LA, and Paris films as well.

All my computer settings online were in French, but I've changed them to English. "English (UK)" to be exact: Also found this cute when I deleted some emails:
The bin, hee hee.

So as you can tell, I'm having this love hate relationship with the French language. I can't even put a number to the many times I'd like to give up, please God can I just give up this one little thing? I'll give this up, pay my parents back for my year here, and then we can move on and I won't give up ever again. This can be that one big thing that I gave up on or changed my mind on, you know, like those kids who take up medicine and then decide they want to be interior designers.

There are little, tiny moments that give me hope, that move me to continue. Like when I understand completely what is being said. When people ask me for a translation and I can give it to them. The latest was when, after confiding my doubts to Lucia she said that at least I try to sound French and that I don't have an American or anglophone accent. That was nice. Oh how blessed I am to be surrounded with the positivity of people. All these things add up, but they're anthills to this behemoth of a mountain I'm facing.

Tonight: Darjeeling Limited. Very excited.