mardi 25 mars 2008

spring breakish

I feel like I'm on vacation. Two classes are canceled this week, and today's my first class of the week, and it's already Wednesday. Awesomeness.

On Monday, I took Stacy to the Champs to see the Arc de Triomphe. Then I got freaking lost trying to find line 2 in the labyrinth that is Charles de Gaulle Etoile station. I took a wrong turn and took us in a circle. Not one of my finest moments. We finally got to Montmartre, had late lunch, and Susie met up with us at Sacre Coeur. Then we got some coffee, took Stacy to Pigalle, and head home.

Yesterday, took Stacy shopping around rue de Rivoli. She wanted a new wardrobe and was willing to drop up to 500 euros. I think every girl that comes here believes Paris to be shopping mecca, but only if you've got the bucks. She got a dress and 3 cardigans at H&M, but didn't see anything else she fancied. I got a cardigan too and some tank tops for my upcoming spring break trip.

Took her to Angelina for the best hot chocolate in the world. We were looking at our purchases at the table, and one of the higher up guys (he was wearing a suit, and didn't look like a waiter) came by and said, "C'est superbe!" and smiled at us, and Stacy got a kick out of that. He kept smiling whenever he passed us and that was nice. He must be thinking, "Oh you girl tourists and your shopping". Stacy loved the chocolate and millefeuille as well as the decor of the place. This lovely American family sat across from us, and asked Stacy, "Do they take long here to order?" And Stacy said, "Ask this girl, she knows this place!" And I said no, it should be okay. And the Dad was funny, he saw my dessert when it came and my hot chocolate, and I noticed his jaw dropping a bit in awe, and when the waiter came he motioned to me and said, "I'll have what she's having." It was a nice moment and made me feel good.

Went back to my hood and went to this bar that I've never been to, and got pints of Hoeegarden with slices of lemon, so good. The bar guys were really nice, one of them cute in a dork way, so I might go there occasionally. This was a big deal for Stacy since she's 20. Then we got champagne and wine at the supermarket so we can get smashed at my place. I went in the morning to get groceries while Stacy was getting ready and bought a crapload of cheese and dry sausage and crackers. So we had a little French soiree with Susie and watched videos on Youtube and made fun of the film Across the Universe which Stacy hates with a passion.

My friend Edward Appleby mentioned Paris For A Year at his online home Rushmore Academy the other day. Thanks Edward!