vendredi 28 mars 2008

I am mean.

Picked up my friends from the airport today. Cher emerged first, looking a bit worried and only holding a handbag. I ran to her and we hugged and asked what happened, and she said she couldn't find her luggage. They had been looking for an hour. I got into stressed mode sort of, took her to information and I asked what they should do. Then I said to her, since I couldn't go into the baggage claim area, "You go back in there and talk to US Airways and you be PERSISTENT! Don't come out without your luggage!"

How welcoming I am.

I never realized how mean I can be until after the fact. I blame it on living here. They're such sweet girls and I love them to death so I felt bad about forcing them to be super persistent. It's their first time abroad, and they don't know the ropes so well. But they will learn, by God they will learn. They finally came out, 5 minutes later, and with their luggage. I hugged them again like it was the first time I saw them.

Mom and Dad packed some things for me, mostly things I asked for like shorts and boardshorts. Like I'll be needing them soon, haha. It's raining right now. Dad also put a crapload of lens wipes for my eyeglasses. That was lovely. I know it was him because he always has those in his pockets or in his truck or sticking out of his backpack that he uses for work.

We sat in the airport for a bit so that they can rest, and I was presented with a gift: The Darjeeling Limited dvd. What amazing friends I have. I actually emailed Cher if she could get it for me, and then I said nevermind it's no big deal I'll get it when I go home, and then she surprised me with it anyway! God, I demand too much. Right when I sent out that email asking for it, I felt like such an ass because she's already bringing a crapload of my stuff here and back. God, these girls are amazing.

They're asleep right now--funny how I blog when most of my friends are asleep--but tonight I'm making a nice, roast chicken dinner courtesy of the butchers up the street who cook a mean chicken. Salad, potatoes, wine, bread, and ice cream for later. I'm salivating already.