lundi 31 mars 2008

splurge on yourself

Girls are on the way to the Louvre while I get some much needed study time/blog time. I have another test tomorrow, and this time I can't screw up. But it's hard to focus when your friends are in town and you need to show them around.

Took them to Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur and Montmartre, and the Moulin Rouge yesterday. Also went grocery shopping up the street. They're really thrifty girls and I commend them for it, but I want to see them splurge on themselves on their vacation because I think they deserve it. They buy gifts for other people, but they haven't yet bought anything for themselves. They're so selfless, and I want them to be selfish.

Yesterday on the metro, I made the girls sit on some seats far from me while I stood, and these guys started to talking to them. At first I was wary, but it ended up being a good experience for them. One older guy said that Cher was very cute, and this younger college student guy who spoke English translated for her. Then when the college guy was getting up at his stop, he said to Cher, "He was right. You are very cute. Au revoir." I thought that was a lovely story.

Last night, we watched The Darjeeling Limited. Both of them fell asleep a few times, and that's understandable, they're tired and jetlagged a bit, but at the beginning of the film, one of my friends had her sudoku book on her lap and a pencil! That kind of hurt my feelings. Sometimes she'd peek into it, but whatever. Whenever I show a movie I like to a friend and she does stuff like that or doesn't want me to pause it for her when she goes to the bathroom, that kind of upsets me because then I can tell she's not giving her full attention to something you really like and she's not being open to the experience. Can you imagine what I'm going to feel when I show my first big film to someone and stuff like that happens? I'll probably go into a full on depression.