vendredi 4 avril 2008

I have a cat.

No, not really.

Landlord stopped by today to drop off some homemade prune jam. What did I do to deserve this? No, really. What did I do to deserve this. Haha, it was a really sweet gesture. And it's quite good, he's given me some before. I opened the door to let him in, and this cat darted into my studio. I was surprised, and Chris just laughed it off. "Oh, haha! Such a fat cat!" he said. I said maybe a bit too seriously, "Is that your cat? Do you want me to get him?"

"No, it's the neighbor's cat. (Pause) Well, have a good day!"
"Wait! Should I take him outside or..."
Chris gave me some ambiguous answer. So French. I let the cat stay and watched him for a bit until he went into my bathroom and found this hidden crawl space and went into it. That made me flip out, I was hoping this wouldn't turn into some "Full House" episode or something or end in some sad disaster resulting in the whole building hating me. He (or she) crawled out and at that point I nicknamed him Tintin since he was lounging by my Tintin towels for a bit.

Tintin explored my studio then sat by the window and people watched. It was pretty cool, having this cat for a bit, but also distracting since I was trying to do homework. I felt like Amelie when she has to cat-sit her friend's cat. Tintin heard the downstairs door open--he was probably anticipating his owner's return--so he went to my door, and I let him out. Don't worry, he'll be okay. There's actually a hole by our door building big enough for cats to sneak in and out, and I've seen him hanging around here a lot, so he knows where his home is.

Finally feel like I have my studio to myself again. God, living alone is so nice. It's so nice to lay on my bed and have all the pillows to myself. It's so nice to wake up whenever. It's so nice to make my own food. It's also nice to have a friend over and drink weird Jamaican ginger soda and shoot the shit, as they say. (That was my night last night). I'm really going to miss this when I have to move back in with roommates.

My favorite photo that I've taken so far. Taken at Opera Garnier. There was an old Japanese couple. His wife was dressed in a traditional kimono and the husband was taking photos of her: