lundi 31 mars 2008

city of love

I was at the Louvre waiting for the girls outside behind the giant main pyramid. That's my meeting point for friends because it's not that crowded, and you can easily see who enters and exits the Louvre. Been pretending to be a spy to watch my friends leave the building. Felt spyish too with my trench coat.

I was sitting for a while, and this young American couple sits a couple feet away from me. I had my back to them. I have really good peripheral vision, so I notice the boyfriend on his knees. He brings out this brown box, unwraps it, takes out this ring, and puts it on his girlfriend's finger and asks, "Will you marry me?"

She says yes. How lovely that I got to witness that. It was just me and them and no one else. It felt really cool to be a part of that, to be a witness to love in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Louvre's a funny place to propose to a girl, but it's not as played out as the Tour Eiffel. I'd probably say yes at the D'Orsay. Louvre's not so bad though.

They kissed and sat huddled together for a while before leaving. I love how small this act was. It wasn't some grand gesture. Nothing huge like a big screen proclaiming love was involved. It was just this guy on vacation with his girl and taking her to the Louvre. Simple is beautiful.

It's funny that this happens because I've been recently in touch with a friend who, at my age of 21, is considering marriage. I was completely knocked out. I don't know...21 just seems so young to get married. But that's just me. I always thought I'd finish school, travel a lot, work and be indie, and if a boy fits in there, a boy that's as indie as I am, who gets my stupid jokes and can stand me, then that would be cool. That's my plan anyway. Who knows what'll happen. Every girl is different though and wants different things.

I remember being taught by my English teacher that it depresses him when girls would rather have the guy than to travel or do what they've always wanted to do. That we don't need boys to complete us. I wish every girl felt the same way.