dimanche 16 décembre 2007

the cure

If anything can cure loneliness and sadness, it's the laughter of children. And Buster Keaton of course.

Went to the cinema to watch 3 short Buster Keaton films: The Goat, The Scarecrow, and The Paleface. Invited some friends, but no one showed up. No calls or anything except a message from Susie saying she can't come which was nice, you know? I waited outside for people 10 minutes before projection, and no one came. Oh well. I came really early and got my ticket and killed time at a bookstore down the street. Bought a good vocab book that's for French people learning English. It was cheap and looks really helpful. The cinema section of the bookstore was pretty cool too.

Sat by myself in the cinema, and then this family, a mom, dad, and a little boy, sat next to me. I remember the little boy because he answered one of the film trivia questions right at the last Buster Keaton showing. Too cute. The Dad told him to sit next to me, but he was shy so the Dad sat next to me. I'm really glad he did, because this Dad was such a huge dork! He was laughing as loud as the kids! And he had this really dorky laugh that's totally unexpected and unforgettable. It really made my day. He'd read the subtitles for his son and explained major plot points for him. Too lovely. There's something about hearing French whispered that's really hot.

An old lady who was by herself sat to the other side of me, and she was laughing really hard too. I felt like I had two versions of my future sitting beside me. I could end up an old lady who goes to see moving pictures alone. Or I could find a guy who's just as dorky as me and watch Buster Keaton movies with him. I prefer the dorky boy, but we'll see what happens.

Loads of schoolwork to do, but it was nice having a little movie break.