vendredi 21 décembre 2007

not quite done...

For one of my classes, they've extended the first semester until February 7th. Ridiculous. I know two people who are switching to Nanterre because they can't take it anymore at St. Denis. I'm going to stick it out. It's just one more semester.

Went over to Nayo's in the 7th. She lives right by Le Bon Marché, which is like a Bloomingdale's. They had all these Christmas decorations, and everyone was carrying some sort of shopping bag. It was nice, all the hustle and bustle, even if I couldn't really identify with it in any way. Just felt like some sort of tourist in a Christmas theme park.

Accompanied Nayo to Monoprix which was absolute mayhem inside. She needed groceries, and we bought stuff to make dinner. This old lady in line for the register was complaining about how crazy it is in here, it was funny. She dropped her change, and I picked it up for her, and she said I was nice so that was cool. Took a pic of this dog waiting by the cash registers inside Monop'. Thought it was cute:Showed Nayo how her oven works and how to cook eggs. She usually eats out, but she now sees how much you can save by eating in. I actually spent almost 100 Euros less on food this month because I didn't eat out or I just generally ate less. This is good; it means more money for traveling. I'd like to go somewhere, even if I only get to go outside of this country once, just please let me go. I had these huge dreams of traveling to a bunch of places while I was here, but I didn't save enough (my spring semester dug a huge hole in my pocket since I spent a lot of money for my film production class). Learn from me kids, save your money! I'll be lucky to get out of this country once, even if it's to London to visit my cousin. I've been there before, but at least I can say I went somewhere outside France. Susie and Taylor are going to Denmark, and Sally's going to Egypt! Some people are also going to Amsterdam.

After eating at Nayo's, went to my place to hang out. We passed by Place Monge, and I told Nayo how the fountain's frozen over, so she wanted to see. She tested it, and actually cracked the ice with the heel of her shoe! I laughed and grabbed her, fearing her whole shoe would get drenched. This cute, tall businessman walked by and saw, and he laughed too. It was nice. We went to my favorite boulangerie and got something sweet to munch on. She got macaroons, and I got tuiles amandes, these crunchy, sweet cookies with almonds and loveliness baked into them. Had them with tea. Susie came over, and we all just hung out and dorked around with the computer.