mercredi 19 décembre 2007

freezing, dinner with extended fam, package of lurve

It's cold here. Yup. Last night was at Sarah's in the 9th, and we were walking toward St. Lazare, and the water on the curb was frozen! Her and Steven were heading towards my place to go shopping, and we got off at Place Monge, and the water in the fountain was frozen too! And all the leaves were suspended in the ice, it was really neat.

I'm more than halfway done! We did our skit today in a "studio". There were two cameras, and my friend Elly was explaining to the technician how every scene was going down, and where the cameras should be, etc. The guy was super, super nice and funny. It's always nice to meet someone nice and helpful when it comes to all things cinema. He filmed us and did all the audio.

Was totally packed in the metro today. A nice looking businessman with short, cropped brown hair and wearing a nice leather jacket had his back pressed up against me. It's not his fault or anything, we were all pressed up against each other. My back was to the door, so that was okay, and it wasn't the door that opens at each station. He gave me a sympathetic look over his shoulder that seemed to say, "I'm really sorry". But it was nice. It felt like the beginning scene in Buster Keaton's The Cameraman when he's pressed up against the girl in that large crowd, and he just smells her because they're so close he can't help it. That sounds really pervy here, but you have to see it, it's just so beautiful and simple. Anyway, it felt like that. His jacket was soft, and he smelled nice. When people got off, he gave me room. And that was that.

Hung out with Nayo while I was waiting a call from Mom's friend. I call her Auntie Teth. Her and her daughter, Michelle, are here for two days and I wanted to take them out to dinner. Nayo and I had coffee in the St. Michel area, and I asked if I could hold her cigarette and take a picture of me looking really disgusting and in bad shape like that girl in Frantic or any sort of cocaine addict, and I think I succeeded. Don't worry! I'm no smoker. I love my lungs.Nayo and I were at the metro to head back to my place. She was feeling really crappy and wanted to just get some bread and cheese and just chill. I saw these girls across the way holding big art portfolios and they looked really cool. And, totally being myself and just wanting to be funny to make Nayo feel better, I said, "What if I just had one of those big portfolios for like my regular papers? And people would be all, 'Are you an artist?' And I'd say, 'No, I just like these folders', and then I'd open it up and there's something stupid in there like some script I wrote." I'm so happy that she got a laugh out of that because then it made me laugh, and I didn't feel all stupid for thinking these things. Then we both decided to forget going home and go to the St. Michel area to see how much these big folders cost.

After that--they're not that expensive--we got a beer at Shywawa with Melissa, Susie, and Nick. Then I met up with Aunti Teth and Michelle at their hotel. I took them to my place, and we had dinner up the street. Auntie had a salad and escargot, and Michelle and I had the beef fondue which was so bomb I'd have it again if I was ever craving beef. You cook beef in hot oil and there's all these sauces, and unlimited bread. I was so full at the end. I showed off my French skills which was really cool, but I felt like an idiot when they asked me what certain ingredients were and then I didn't know. Blurg. Then the waiter wouldn't give me the check because Auntie wanted it, and he obeyed her! Then he tried to drague her, asking her for her phone number and what hotel she's staying at! It was funny.

I just can't wait until I have the ability to buy people food and things. Really. Just being able to give gifts and take people to dinner. Having that will mean that I've fully succeeded in providing for myself and others. Having that means that I have some sort of financial stability. Blurg.

Auntie gave me a care package from my parents. Awesome. One of the best care packages EVER since I didn't know that it was coming. Mom only said, "I'm giving Auntie some things to give to you.":1. Hot cocoa (from Disneyland!!!)
2. Homemade beanie knit by Mom
3. turtleneck, sweater, button up from the 70s that Mom used to wear and now wants me to wear (it's so cute!).
4. Jake and Amir shirt I ordered that came with a sticker
5. Thrice's "The Alchemy Index" and Jimmy Eat World's "Chase This Light".

And lastly a message from Kuya so lovely that it almost can bring tears to my eyes. And it's written on pieces of cardboard! That is so Kuya! Or at least, that is so Figueroa-like. I love it.