jeudi 20 décembre 2007

the best day ever

Today has been the best day to point out all my inadequacies as a student and as a daughter. Have at me world, the day is almost over! What else do I suck at?

Daughter first. So, met my Aunt and Michelle this morning at Musee D'Orsay. Brought them pain au chocolat. Auntie asked me if I had anything for my Mom last night, and I had said no. She gave me this weird look. I said I was too busy thinking about this week and all my work due that I didn't do any shopping. Felt this huge guilt trip just from their reactions then said that I'd meet them tomorrow morning (today) and I'll get something for my Mom. This shop that I like ended up being closed (figures), so I didn't get anything. So when Auntie asks me this morning if I had anything, and I said no...I just felt like total crap. I mean, I was meaning to get something for people at the end of the year. And I don't really get my parents anything for Christmas anyway. I figure that once I have a steady job and am totally not dependent on them, then I can start giving them things and paying for things like my brother does. It's just this sort of unspoken rule: if you're a student, then you get off easy. Once you're employed that's when you start giving back.

And school...I just don't have an appetite for writing about it. It sucked. The end.

Got a texto (text message) from Kristin asking if I wanted to go to the Mayflower, and, at that moment, getting shitfaced just seemed so appealing, but I didn't do it. Instead I said I was going to go home, cook some food for me and Nayo (who was coming over anyway to hang out), and just chill. We got bread, cheese, and stuff to make omelettes. Susie, Taylor, and Aaron came by too and we watched episodes of "Freaks and Geeks". It was a good time. Wish crappy days like today didn't have to be so close to Christmas. Being at home with friends made it better though.