lundi 17 décembre 2007


I am missing out on my friend's Christmas party because I have to meet my group for our skit tonight. Effing sucks, but what can I do? This is the only time that all of us can meet. I can't wait for this week to be over.

One class down. Four more to go. Had class in the tiny office at Micefa again. I was sitting in front of one of the computers in a position so that my back was to the professor, and I could see everyone's bored, depressed faces. At one moment, I just wanted to burst out loud into laughter just to see what everyone would do. If I did it, I mean burst into laughter, then a least these people would have something to talk about later and forget what's making them look so damn sad. It's Christmas, look alive, people. Like I should talk, though, right? I swear, I'm going crazy.

After class, Romina and Lily and I were talking about the lakes being frozen, and I had asked what the ducks do when the lakes freeze over, and then it hit me that Holden Caulfield asked that same question to that cab driver. This is significant somehow...

Watched a trailer for my friend Brandon's film final, and it made laugh so much to see him working on what he loves. He sent me the link, which was really cool of him. I love it when people keep in contact with me. You can see it here:zombie feast It really made me miss school back home and working on set with my friends and being needed.