samedi 22 décembre 2007

first day of vacation!

Ah...the first day of vacation. I love the first day of a vacation because I can finally breathe, and there's all these possibilities, so much to look forward to. Had a lazy, loungy day today. Woke up to the sound of the carnival ride that's set up across the street. It's a bunch of cars on a track going around in a circle to "It's A Small World After All". It was so annoying. I can't believe that as a child, I'd probably go ape-shit for that stuff. All you do is go around in a circle.

Had to leave the apartment because I couldn't stand the music. Took my book (Around the World in Eighty Days) that I haven't finished to Jardin du Luxem. The fountain's frozen there! Every time a kid wanted to touch the ice with his foot, a gendarme would blow his whistle and give him a very stern look. It was funny. Finished off 4 chapters. Then met Nayo, and we had a crème (coffee and hot favorite) at Le Conti on St. André dès Arts where we had coffee before. Nayo wrote postcards, and I wrote in my Moleskine a list of things to do over the break:
-organize photos
-clean house, computer
-organize life
-write script
-archive blog
-French homework, practice French
-figure out travel plans, ticket to go home in July

Doesn't sound like much of a vacation, but I guess I'd rather get all this stuff done. Dragged Nayo into this great papeterie (stationery store) that had all these cool notebooks and gifts. Will probably get my friends things there before I go home. That place was amazing. Had dinner with Susie at BIA. Then hung out at my place until Morgan came over then we went to the Aux 3 Escales to meet Kristin and her boyfriend who just came in from the bay area. He's spending his winter vacation with her. Good times.

In annoying news, the D on my keyboard isn't working well, I have to pound on it to get it to type, so typing is pretty annoying. Blurg. The laptoppy has been pretty good to me over the past 4 years, so I really shouldn't be complaining, but I lose my flow and concentration when I'm trying to type and this D is ruining everything. It's easier and faster to type when I know I've got a lot to say, and I don't want to lose it all, but now with this D problem...Argh.