samedi 15 décembre 2007

you just lost a customer, buddy

So, the other day I went to the fruit and veggie vendors just outside my door because I was running late to class. I bought zucchini, carrots, and clementines. It ended up being something like 2.16. So I gave her 3 euros. Bitch was all, "Non, non, non." She wanted effing change when I didn't have any! I love giving exact change, seriously, but I didn't have any. She effing looked in my change purse to look at the coins I did have, then was all, "Vous avez raison" (You're right) I was appalled. I said "Sorry" very sarcastically, and she said I was nice. Bitch. Yeah, I'm never going there again no matter how convenient it is.

Today, I went to Les Halles Mouffetard up the street where I usually go, and the vendors are nice, old guys that look like they'd be farmers from CA's Central Valley. Tan, wrinkly old guys that look like the best of friends and go fishing together. I bought carrots, potatoes, and clementines. And I had exact change, which I gave. They're so NICE, and they call me Mademoiselle and all that nice stuff that makes me smile and want to be a vegetarian as long as I buy veggies from these guys.

Had a mini pizza with Susie, then, on the way home, felt like a chocolate macaroon. Bought two, one for Lucia when I see her later because she's letting me use her printer. Ate it at home, and man, it was so good. Dense as heck. Crispy on the outside, soft and dense in the inside. It's like a full meal. I kind of feel disgusting now though. I swear, my tummy has shrunk or something.

It's so cold outside, but the sun is shining. It's kind of nice, but it's weird to handle. It's like having that brain freeze when you eat ice cream, only it's all over your body, especially the facial area that's not covered. Went to Lucia's which is close to the outskirts of Paris. She printed some stuff for me. Then went to Susie's, who lives a couple streets down. We got something to eat and took it to the lake that's part of the Bois de Vincennes.

After, headed to Kathy's around 20H (I love how they use military time here), and we helped her bake cookies, which turned out to be horrible ordeal. Why does France have to make everything so complicated? We crushed chocolate bars with forks and had to ground brown sugar cubes since they didn't have the regular kind. We watched episodes of "Freaks and Geeks" during it. Such a good show.

Left pretty late, around midnight with Lucia. Before we crossed the street, we saw a man on a scooter, not even 100 feet in front of us, get hit by a car. He was thrown off his scooter and onto the ground. The second it happened, a crowd of guys (probably out to go clubbing) from all corners of the street rushed towards the scooter guy. Despite this being a pretty tense scene, just seeing all these young men running towards a fallen Parisien comrade was very touching. They crowded in front of the car that hit him--cuz the guy looked like he was going to drive away--and they yelled to their dates/girlfriends to call an ambulance. Scooter guy got up, probably still shocked, but I think he was okay.