dimanche 9 décembre 2007

rainy sunday

I just finished watching Home Alone 1 and 2. Hilarious movies. I love stories where kids are in danger and are forced to grow up/be brave/overcome a fear in order to save themselves in a world of incompetent, clueless adults (parents, authority figures). That seems to be a common underlying storyline for children's films. It must be difficult to write films that'll appeal to both adults and kids. I love the first two Home Alones when I was young, and I still love them. Some things never change.

After Ikea on Saturday, met peoples at the same bar where we celebrated Kathy's birthday. Met Kristin's Epitech (a technical computer science school in Paris) student, Tibault, who speaks very good English. His goal is to speak it so well that people will think he's an Anglophone. Good for him. Talked about Macs vs. PCs--he's a Mac guy. I love both equally, but I want my next laptop/computer to be an Apple just because Final Cut Pro is the industry standard. Kathy, Nayo, Sarah, Nick, Taylor, his bf Aaron, Melissa, her bf Cedric, and their two friends were there too, but not all at the same time.

Sunday, biked to the Crous (student cafeteria/restaurant) to get a crazy cheap meal: 2.80 euros. Met with Sarah, Susie, Nayo, and Steven. Had pizza and a tart. You will not believe how frugal I've been. Had to turn down the Salvadore Dali museum with Liz, which I felt really bad for. It cost 5 euro, and all I could think about was that I wanted to see the Buster Keaton showing down the street (with live music) next week, and that cost 8 euros. Oh well, the sacrifices we must make. Besides, that museum will still be there, but I can't miss my favorite silent film actor.

Biked around on the Velib with Nayo and Kristin. Started to rain, and we couldn't find any stations that had empty posts to leave our bikes. These bikes lock into the posts, and then you're free to leave. Biking in the rain reminds me of commuting in SF. Finally went back to where we originally took the bikes (in St. Michel), then went to Starbucks (not my favorite place anymore, but cheaper than a regular cafe), and warmed ourselves with hot chocolate. Got some Christmas postcards, headed to Nayo's place to hang (cute place!!!), then headed home because I felt ill.

When I was feeling better, went to Mass across the street. Mass at night is pretty cool at my church. I like the way they light the interiors. It feels like they got some DP to light it. Just so cinematic. Had lots and lots of tea when I got home, and then I did something that made me so proud of myself...I got to fit a crapload of things in my closet.

It sounds so stupid, but my closet is really small, maybe 1/3 of my closet at home or just as big as an airplane restroom. But I got to fit my huge suitcase and the awkwardly shaped vacuum cleaner in the closet and still manage to have all my clothes and shoes in there. Felt so proud of myself. I was just so sick of having my suitcase in plain view. Just reminds me that I'm only here temporarily and that there'll be a day when I have to go home.