samedi 8 décembre 2007

goal attained

Went to Ikea with Susie and Kathy for 1 euro breakfast which was bomb. That's me and Susie in the photo staring in awe at Ikea. Half a baguette, a pain au chocolat, and all the coffee that you could ever drink. We sat and talked for more than an hour after eating. I've never done that back at home. We took our time and got at least 3 cups of coffee and hot chocolate between conversations. Didn't just go for breakfast, went to do some shoppings.Realized, after leaving and buying nothing for myself, that I finally reached that level of detachment and restraint from new material things that I've always wanted. I actually picked up things to buy that I wanted and needed (like a hand towel and tupperware), but I ended up not getting them. I came up with reasons to not get them. And I saw some Christmas things that would be nice to decorate the studio, but I didn't get that stuff either.

We also went to the factory outlets next door. Was looking at shoes since Susie remarked that mine had holes in it. They're pretty worn out since I wear the same pair every day, and I walk a lot. Looked for my size, tried on a pair of New Balances that were kind of tight, but didn't bother to look for the larger size.

I left feeling very lightened. Also, never felt more at home than in an Ikea and that factory outlet that resembled that crappy outlet right outside Las Vegas.