mardi 4 décembre 2007

another day in the trenches

I have this overwhelming urge to watch both Home Alone films (it really ended after the second one) back to back. Gets me in the Christmas spirit.

Classes are back to normal-ish. Had class in a tiny, cramped office no larger than my studio where we watched a film on an iMac. Waste of time. She gave us assignments that'll be due before Christmas break. Great. This German girl sitting next to me would exchange looks of boredom with me. Then we'd chuckle to ourselves. We sat in the back so it was okay.

I want to go to this therapy session on Friday that MICEFA is having for the students who aren't doing so well here (emotionally). Not that I'm having problems or anything. I'm actually doing okay. Mom asked if I wanted to go home for the holidays again, and I said no. Plus the session could be helpful. Maybe I will go just to save myself from my horrible class where that girl would not shut up.

Things to do:
1. Homework: presenation for oral class; "scrapbook" about the strikes; Paper on the film Les 400 Coups.
2. Laundry: I'm kind of sick of washing my clothes by hand. I'm going to take the money I set aside for my groceries and take them to the laverie. Can you believe I've been washing my clothes by hand since September? It's almost 10 euros gone, but I think I can get away with not buying groceries or eating out for a week. I have lots of cereal. I'm trying not to spend too much money on foods and eating and drinking, especially since it's the holidays. I spent way too much last month, but I still managed to lose weight so it's a miracle.