mercredi 12 décembre 2007

you could be a model

I saw the most beautiful plus sized girl on the metro today. I'm so sick of all these skinny girls everywhere I go all wearing the same boring thing. Over and over and over again. This lady had a bosom and she wore these amazing boots and a short skirt, and she ROCKED it she was so gorgeous. And then, and THEN! She pulled out a Harry Potter book out and started reading. Lovely lovely. I'm not into Harry Potter anymore, but the fact that she was reading it is just lovely to me.

Screw losing weight. I just want to be confident as heck with my body and stop thinking that I have to look like "everyone" else.

Had class and practiced for next week's skit. Prof came by and listened to our skit, giving us tips on pronunciation. It's probably one of my better classes, and I really wish that I learned more in it. Stupid strikes. In the skit, I play the mistress of this guy. It's supposed to be like a soap opera. The prof suggested that we "dress up and wear make-up". Made me laugh when she said this. I purposely look grungy and undone because I hate the attention of being made-up. It also deters strange guys from hitting on me. Seriously, I've heard some SCARY stories on girls getting hit on. Screw that. I'm comfortable looking grungy/tomboyish. Sidenote, and I don't mean to brag, but I look BOMB when I'm made-up. Everyone flipped out when they saw me on prom night. I haven't looked like that since. Standing in front of a mirror for long periods of time does not interest me.

My aunt (really Mom's close friend) and her daughter are coming to Paris for a couple of days next week. It sucks that it's during my last (and craziest) week of class, but I'll get to see them, definitely.