jeudi 17 avril 2008

a quick one while she's away

I won't even get into what a pain doing all those apps in triple time went. I should get first dibs in all those classes. My first choice was Cinematography, second Editing Film Projects, and third Directing. It was ballsy of me to even consider Directing, but I feel ready. More than ever. Whenever I've directed, I've always asked people how they felt about me as a director and the whole experience, from my director of photography to my actors, and I get pretty good reviews. I think Hollywood is due for a short Filipina director, don't you?

So, as you know, I'll be gone for a good two weeks to Italy. Expect little to no interweb updates--I'm going to be too busy having fun/eating food/getting a tan/being awesome. But I thought of some things you should do while I'm away that, maybe, you haven't done in a while or maybe ever. This is specifically for the people back stateside, especially my stressed out/"I don't have any time" friends in CA. You need this. Just one Saturday or a free day you have. Give it a go.

--Have a picnic
--Go to a museum
--Go for a walk in the park
--Sit in a cafe for hours reading or writing or people watching
--Go to the library and get 10 books on that one thing you were always interested in but never bothered to learn about. Skim those books and learn the basics.
--Don't use the interwebs
--Write a letter
--Opt to use your bike or your legs to get somewhere rather than your car
--Eat a tasty meal with someone you've been meaning to hang out with for a while

This trip feels like The Darjeeling Limited. Just me and my two other girl friends. I love it. I think I'd be Jack Whitman since I'm short, and I like to write.

Be safe and well.