mardi 15 avril 2008

the italian manifesto

I've decided to make a manifesto for the Italy trip. Dorky, I know. But here are some goals, some rules or guidelines to stand by and/or keep in mind while on this trip. They will take effect the day I leave Paris.

1. I will not wear a watch on this trip. I'm not going to be a slave to time. I'm going to enjoy and savor everything in this wonderful country and not adhere to a strict itinerary other than my plane or train departure times. Also, I think my watch needs a new battery as the second hand is acting funny, and I don't want to buy a watch battery.
2. I will not bring my planner. I will not think about my obligations waiting for me back in Paris, my to-do lists, my homework. I will not plan far ahead into the future. I will only be concerned with the present and the day after.
3. Two meals a day. Same as Amsterdam. Same as London.
4. I will write every day. I will carry notebook with me everywhere and journal whenever possible.
5. I will draw. No one knows this much about me, but I used to draw. A lot. It wasn't anything amazing, it was all just for fun. Just doodles here and there of everyday objects and of me and my imaginary friend, Calvin, the British heir to a bookstore magnate (I had a really wild imagination as a kid--I still do). The inspiration came from the illustrations from The Chronicles of Narnia. I really like those ink drawings. Anyway, I will try drawing again. End of manifesto.

So, yeah, there's that for my trip.