mardi 15 avril 2008

musical abstinence

My favorite band, Thrice, has a record out today, "The Alchemy Index: Earth and Air, Volumes 3 and 4".

And I can't have it.

At least, it doesn't come out in France until April 28th, and even then I'll be in Italy. Probably won't get it until May. Anyway, I'm going to "abstain" from downloading or even listening to it on their MySpace because, hey, I'm crazy.

I also...(le sigh)...remember the days before the internet? It wasn't that long ago. Just remember when you went out to get a cd or even a tape, and you didn't have any idea what the artwork would be like or you weren't even completely sure you knew the lyrics right when you sang along to the radio, but remember that excitement when you got that cd and you locked yourself in your room, and you listened to it from beginning to end with the booklet in your hands. Do you remember that?

Because I'm starting to forget what that was like.

So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to wait. This is my favorite band in the world. I saw them when I was in 8th grade playing at Biola University for free to a crowd of twenty or thirty. I saw them play at the House of Blues the year I turned 16 to a over a thousand. I saw them play at Slim's in SF with my best friend, and we sang our hearts out and our feet would lift off the ground when the crowd swayed and surged.

I want the magic and innocence back. I'm going to wait.