mardi 15 avril 2008

aah! the socialists are trying to get me

Cute blond Socialist called me last night, and like an idiot, I answered the phone. If you don't know who I'm referring to, please read this post. I thought it was Melissa calling me from her house phone. She had been texting me earlier about one of our assignments from her cell, but when she calls it's from her house phone since her cell gets bad reception.

Anyway, it was HIM, and he was trying to recruit me to come to one of the meetings. It went like this, in French.

Him: I want to know if I can get you to come to either the Thursday, Friday, or Saturday meetings.
Me: I can't. I have classes.
Him: Saturday?
Me: I'm leaving on Friday.
Him: Where are you going?
Me: Catania. Sicily. Italy.
Him: In French, it's Catane and Sicile.
Me: Okay, thanks.
Him: How long?
Me: Three weeks. (lie)
Him: You're gonna miss the big meeting on the first of May.
Me: (silence)
Him: I'll call you again for the next meeting.
Me: Great. (lie)
Him: Have a nice vacation! Ciao, Hélène.

That "Ciao" he said got me, I almost laughed out loud. They say that here in France, but just in the context of me going to Italy made me laugh. I threw the "Ciao" back at him with some sarcasm.

God, I'm so mean to these Socialists, but they are persistent. But I almost cracked when he said my French-ified name. God, that always gets me, when a nice, cute boy says my name in a nice way. I think everyone likes hearing their name from someone cute. Gosh, I would totally be into this if he was in some sort of cinema club or something, and not politics.

I should have just told him that I'm not coming back. I saved the number now as "The Socialist" so now I'll know not to answer whenever he calls. I'll just not answer any calls anymore that I don't know, how about that? Yay. Done.

Whenever I talk in French or have a conversation in French, it feels really trippy. Like, "Is this really happening?" kind of stuff. It's just unreal. I'm not that great of a conversationalist in French or in English for that matter. Anyway, I got that feeling right after I got off the phone. That actually happened.

I'm gonna be that person that understands, but can't speak. Like the characters in the Ocean's series. They understand Amazing when he speaks Chinese, but they talk to him in English. That's me. I'm Danny Ocean. But I'd much rather be Brad Pitt's character.