vendredi 25 avril 2008

"I met a man in Rome, and he's amazing, and wonderful, and we're getting married." - Annie, The Father of the Bride

Haha, not true. But I did meet a lot of really great Italian and Sicilian peoples (don't call a Sicilian an Italian), a lot of really nice and funny guys too. I kind of have a crush on one I met--I'll get to him later. I'm in Rome staying with a friend of a friend, Andrea, a really great Roman, very funny. He took us today to Tivoli to see the Villa Adriana, and then to a barbeque picnic with his friends at a lake just north of Rome. It was quite amazing. Met a lot of really cool Italians--definitely something I could not pay for, and it wasn't even in the agenda. Tomorrow we go to Pompeii.

Everyone has been so warm and welcoming, the weather has been great (sunny, warm, no clouds), and the food has been...too good. I'm pretty sure I gained, but I did get sick before leaving, so who knows?

We leave Rome on Monday, and decided to take a trip to Pisa before heading to Florence. Later friends!