dimanche 27 avril 2008


We added Pisa to our list of places. We decided to go there before heading to Florence. Andrea took us to an amazing place for dinner--a meat place. So good. We got drinks before and gelato afterwards. I'm going to miss this city so much.

Went to Vatican today, and I absolutely fell in love with our tour guide, an architecture student. What is it with this place that I fall just a little bit in love with almost every boy here that I encounter? Will write about it later. At one point, he pulled me towards him to let a group of tourists walk past us. It was lovely. He spoke so passionately about the Sistine chapel and Michaelangelo. I love it when people are passionate. He was funny too, I'll never forget him. He borrowed my fountain pen.

This has been one of the best trips I have ever made. Not because of the people I've come across, including a Filipina nun, but the warm hearts of every person who has ventured to this great city, of all the history (I took a nap in the middle of the Roman forum), all the food (I've had gelato at least 4 times, all great in different ways), and especially all the ideas and thoughts that this trip has provoked in me. I really don't want this to end.

The next time you hear from me, I'll be back in Paris.