samedi 23 février 2008


Went to my French cinema class on Friday. It's part 2 of the class I took last semester. So nothing really new, the prof is just pretty good. Went down to the Cinema board after class to check if there are any classes that I can maybe take just in case the grammar class doesn't work out. Found a class on Wednesday afternoons that sounds interesting: The Devil in Theater and Cinema. Sounds pretty cool. If the grammar class does work out then maybe I'll drop the French cinema class on Fridays (which I'm taking for a Cinema credit, not French) and replace it with the Devil class which means...4 day weekend.

Lovely. But we'll see. I still have to crash the Cinema Devil class.

Went to Ikea for 1 euro breakfast by myself and also got a cheap frame for my Van Gogh print "Skull smoking a cigarette". It's funny to tell someone this, and what you get back is, "By yourself?" Got an idea for a short movie that'll take place in Paris. Started the script halfway during breakfast. It was actually an idea I had for my production class, but after consulting my TA he advised I shoot another story because he didn't want to read subtitles. Had 2 cups of coffee, and I was on a roll. A man tried to go outside on Ikea's terrace to smoke, and he opened an emergency door, and the Ikea lady berated him. Will start shooting in April after my friends leave.

Went to Pigalle to meet up with Susie. Walked to Parc Monceau, it was my first time there. Did one lap, and then met up with Sarah and we did another lap. Walked towards L'Arc de Triomphe then down the Champs. Got tickets for the film Paris at Odeon and then food, and then sat by the Seine since our film didn't start for another hour. 2 boats passed by with their lights on, blinding us, and we waved to tourists. Then a couple, most likely tourists, took photos of us sitting on the side of the Seine, us facing Pont Neuf all lit-up, our backs to them. I hope the photo came out just like they wanted. Met up with Melissa, waited in a horrible line for a while, and we watched the film.

It just seems perfect that a film titled Paris is out now, right in the middle of our study abroad. It just seems so right. The film was decent. The coolest things were seeing the monuments, recognizing places where they filmed. Because it was ours, you know? We've been there, we saw it, we took the mental picture. From now on, whenever I see Paris on film, it's going to mean something really special because I lived here.

They showed 5 seconds of a metro line, and I knew just from those 5 seconds that it was line 6. I was so sure, because it was above ground, you could see the Tour Eiffel from that line, and I knew, I knew because I've seen it just like that. I am content. And then it's all downhill from there because they're speaking so fast, I can't get it all, and the audience is laughing at a joke that I missed. But it doesn't really matter. Not to me. That was line 6.