dimanche 24 février 2008


Went to church at St. Joe's near L'Arc de Triomphe. Most of the churchgoers are Filipino, maybe 70%. Lots of rich Filipinos driving up in Mercedes. Probably diplomats. At any rate it's nice to hear Tagalog once in a while. The wife and husband in front of me were talking Tagalog to each other, and the wife's mother was speaking French to her grandson who'd reply in French. It was flipping weird.

Got home around 2, and realized, man, I could really massacre a plate of lumpia. I could kill for a big plate of Dad's adobo, Mom's pansit, and white rice. That would really hit the spot. I salivate as I write this. Made pasta instead. I guess I could go get the ingredients, find recipes online, and cook it myself, but that would be expensive. And I'm lazy.

The Oscars are tonight, and even though I call myself a film major, I really do not like the Oscars. Asking me to watch the Oscars is like asking me to play Scene It. It's like prom for movies, and I didn't really care for prom. All that, "Who are you wearing?" crap although that didn't really happen at prom. Wait, it kind of did, people did ask me where I got my dress. And now Diablo Cody is wearing million dollar shoes or some crap for the red carpet. What made me especially angry is seeing Juno among No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood (which I haven't seen, but come on, it's Daniel Day Lewis). It was an okay film, it just felt like a lot of it was forced and tried too hard to be cool (film and music references, stupid burger phone that is probably available at Hot Topic).

Three women (Nancy Oliver for Lars and the Real Girl and Tamara Jenkins for The Savages--girl power!) are up for Best Original Screenplay, just please, dear God, any of these women except Diablo Cody. Who says, "Honest to blog" or "This is one etch a sketch that can't be un-did" blah blah? I guess I just like things that are a little closer to reality. I am, odd enough, excited for her future and to see what other screenplays she'll be pumping out.