samedi 1 mars 2008

I am a liar

Okay, so I do have time to blog. Catherine's flight's been delayed maybe 5 hours.

Last night was loads of fun, Keisha's boys invited us bowling. What's nice is that they're working guys (Adriano, Yannu, and Laurent), so they paid for everything--woot. The game, shoes, and our first two drinks. I'm usually not okay with that stuff, I'd like to put in my share, but I'm poor in Paris so why the hell not? We had champagne and then I got a kir cassis and then during the game a demi pèche which is blonde beer (Heineken) and peach syrup. Tastiness. The whole bowling thing felt like America, except for drinking alcohol right on the lane. It was also cosmic bowling which I haven't done before, so that was cool, and under 16s not allowed so it's like going to a club. A bowling club. Weird thing is that Kuya got back to me from Grandma's funeral, and he said all the cousins went bowling afterward.

The guys made a wager. Whoever lost would have to make dinner next time. So us girls, Lucia, Kiesha, Laura, and I would taunt them whenever they threw gutter balls: "T'as d'espace chez toi?" (Do you have space at your house?) Laurent kept saying he'll make couscous and that's it. Lucia won with 121. I sucked in second to last place, and Adriano kept giving me tips while bowling which was nice. In the end, Laura has to cook. But we'll help her out.

Debating about skipping class on Tuesday. It's wrong, but what feels even more wrong is leaving my friend who came all the way out here to see me, to leave her wandering the city alone. I haven't seen her since my birthday. Will think about it. I'm already turning a paper in late and skipping Friday's class because I'm off to London. I think if I have a legitimate excuse for skipping class like traveling or being with an out-of-towner, that I should be off the hook. Last semester, there were a couple of classes I skipped because I was sad and genuinely didn't feel like going, but it's better now. I feel better now thank you God.