mardi 26 février 2008

welcome to the world

This past weekend, my friends in SF brought a lovely baby girl named Vivian into the world. I just read their blog. Congrats Rhean and Vilaska!

What a week. A baby born; and a family member laid to rest. I live across the street from a church. I can always tell when there's a funeral going on without having to look outside the window because the bells toll this really somber song, just one random note right after the other. I still look to confirm, and the men come out bearing the casket on their shoulders, and the women follow in black.

I am reminded of my own mortality. That I could be gone any day, that being "young" doesn't mean shit. Everything sort of drops when those bells sound, everything that's of little importance. And I hate being reminded that Death can come for me whenever. Who wants to live with that all the time? I mean, how can we? It's better in alarm form, preferably a loud, clanging bell, one note right after the other. Once a week is good, but it's been happening a lot lately.

Kuya sent me links to his engagement photos that he and Kat took in SF. They're so SF and cinematic. And they look so freaking happy with each other. There's a pic of my brother making this funny face, and it so looks like a face my brother would make. Kathy's holding a flower to his nose, and he makes a face like it smell disgusting. Just the fact that the photographer decided to capture it on film makes me smile. I hope I find someone that could make me as happy as they are. Or not, it really doesn't matter 'cuz I like being alone too. Will post one photo when they make them public.

Got to reading Kat's blog--I can't believe I'm going to have a sis!--and she said she went to WonderCon in SF and got to meet James McAvoy! Jealous, I wrote to her on Facebook: "You met James McAvoy in SF, and I live in Europe and can't meet ONE hot British man!" Haha, lucky girl. There's still time. I am going to London next week...

Lastly, I know this is kind of late, but I want to thank YOU for visiting my blog. We're past the halfway point now, and I'm arriving in LA July 4 or so I think which is kind of nice, so "AMERICA!" if you will. It's really nice to see the counter going up, and to see people visiting from all over the world from America to Norway and New Zealand to England.

Writing here has been a really therapeutic way to deal with being abroad and allows me to keep in touch with family and friends and be a little creative. It's never felt like a chore or a job, and that's what I love about it. So thanks for visiting and being a part of this, for commenting or just making the counter go up. I hope you guys have time to visit my friends' blogs on the left there because, although they're not as crazy as I am writing in my blog every day, they still have something to say, and they're all worthwhile reading. Bisous.