mercredi 20 février 2008


Class canceled today. The prof was sick. Lucia, Melissa, and I had errands to run, so we went to the St. Michel area. Lucia needed some books at GJ, Melissa was looking to get rugby tickets Fnac, and I wanted to look around. Got a small pouch for my pens so I won't keep losing them or just rifling through my book bag looking for pens. Started using my Lamy fountain pen to take notes for classes. It was a birthday gift from Mom and Dad. Also got some ink cartridges. I had to throw away my cheapo fountain pen that I bought here because it never writes true. Even after I took it apart and cleaned it twice. 3 euro fountain pens are not worth it.

Bought tickets for the opera next month. I sent a group email to all my friends asking them what they wanted to do while in Paris. Catherine, the first friend to visit, is really into the opera. So I got tickets for us (and she'll pay me back) to "The Rake's Progress" at L'Opera Garnier. I'm really excited because I've never been to the opera before, and this is my favorite opera house so far. Haven't been to the Bastille though. Went on Wiki to see what the story is about, and it sounds interesting. A night at the!

I'm excited for visitors now, just showing them around, taking care of them. I think I get this from my parents. Living in so cal, we sometimes let family stay over since our house is pretty big, and we're close to a lot of things like Disneyland and Hollywood. I remember right before someone comes over, we clean, we buy loads of groceries at Costco, we put towels on the beds for our's awesome! It's like running a bed and breakfast. In the morning, Dad and Mom cook AMAZING breakfast. When it's just us, it's cereal, but when there are people over, there's eggs, bacon, toast, juice, coffee...the works. I kind of want to do the same thing when my friends are over, just really take care of them with what I can on a student budget. If that means a bit of sacrifice here and there before they arrive, I think it's worth it.