mardi 19 février 2008

2001: A Space Odyssey

Could not concentrate at all in class today. I took notes and everything, but I just couldn't concentrate on any of the French revolution. Blurg.

Went to Musée d'Orsay with Susie for a bit and saw the Art Nouveau section. Pretty sweet. Especially all the furniture they had on display.

Saw 2001: A Space Odyssey today at my cinema in 70mm, the film format it was filmed in. The films we see today are in 35mm. So just imagine, each frame is twice as big. Lots of detail. With the image so huge and the complete silence during the space scenes, you get this total feeling of space. It was incredible. It was creepy. I wish someone watched it with me, really. I was kind of freaked out. This is my first time seeing it. I actually wished that I had a date or someone, some boy to hold my hand as I watched this movie 'cuz every time someone went outside the space shuttle and the only thing you could hear was one of the guys's heavy breathing inside the helmet, I was gripping the armrests. My teeth were clenched, I was in such suspense.

It wasn't scary at all, it was just...disconcerting. Computers turning against people. Deep space. Space scares the crap out of me though. So does the deep sea. Any place that doesn't have breathable oxygen. Great film. Kubrick is amazing.

I love that Kubrick has a look. You can spot a Kubrick film. He has certain camera moves and stylistic techniques. He's a true auteur. Same can be said for Wes Anderson. He definitely has a look. They tell stories with their own style. I really wish I had that ability. But on the other hand, the Coen Brothers tell a great story. They have style, but not as much as Kubrick. They're great visual storytellers. I could be talking out of my butt, I'm no Ebert. And I only got a B in Critical Film Studies. But that's what I think.

What I'm torn about is that I don't know what's more important to me. I want to tell a good story (as a writer), but I want to have style (as a filmmaker). What's better, style or storytelling? Story is more important to me, but I want to stand out. I just see films sometimes that make me think of Wes Anderson or some other director, and that's cool to be influenced by those films, but then I don't even remember that director's name, only that his film looked like a Wes Anderson one. But like I should worry about this now, I haven't filmed anything other than travel vids since last year. I swear, these are the things I'm thinking about when I should be listening to my French professor talking about Montesquieu.