vendredi 22 février 2008

aw memories.

I was invited to join my high school class's Facebook group the other day. Looking through pics of people who I graduated high school with on Facebook, all I could think was, "Am I the only person who didn't get hotter as time passed?" Everyone looks effing amazing. I was hoping that at least one person who was popular or really pretty in high school gain at least enough pounds to be noticeable. I mean Freshman 15, right? Did everyone join a gym after graduation?

Favorite high school moments:
1. Someone threw a sandwich at me during lunch: I was not cool in high school. I was never cool in high school. I remember senior year someone calling me "the quiet girl". She was in my grade. I was in a class of 120 students. After 4 years, you'd think some people would know my name. I knew everyone else's.
2. Getting in trouble for photocopying and distributing excerpts from Jon Stewart's book Naked Pictures of Famous People for the Book Club, which I was vice president of: It only had some cussing in it.
3. Library time: Hung out at the library after school and my friends and I were good friends with the librarians. They'd save us Lord of The Rings bookmarks so that we had one for each character. My favorite was Legolas for obvious reasons.
4. Flying kites or playing catch on the lawn before class started.
5. English class
6. Any moment spent with my awesome friends who liked me for who I am, who didn't care about being popular, who shared my sense of humor and self-deprecation, and who followed their dreams and didn't sell out.

Almost everyone I went to high school with has either already graduated and working, will graduate in June, or applying to grad school. Weird.