lundi 18 février 2008

Italy and London (take 2)!

Why is it that whenever Lucia and I get together, some scheme comes into fruition? Lucia came over, and we had Chinese food from up the street. Went back to my place and started to plan Italy. We planned Italy before we left for Amsterdam, but our plans changed since we couldn't get out of Micefa classes. Italy was re-scheduled until Easter break rather than winter break. After we got all that hashed out, our flights and the hotel in Rome, we stopped there. It was all tentative, and we didn't want to go too far into detail if something changed.

Then Lucia brought up London. My cousin and his wife mentioned that I could visit again with a friend before they leave at the end of March, and I only slightly mentioned this offer to friends. Lucia took me up on it. We planned a long weekend in London, and hopefully my cousin will be cool with it. And this time I won't be bothering them, and they won't have to drive us anywhere. We just need a place to stay for three nights, and we're grown-ups (as Amsterdam has proved) and won't need them to chaperone. Cool! Hope this all works out. London is a wonderful city, and I don't mind going back as long as lodging is free! Also to go through London with someone who has never been will be really cool. I'll get to re-visit places that I've been to years ago. It'll be nice.

(Half an hour later)....Just got an email notice on my Firefox--Firefox has this cool function for Gmail users and it updates me whenever I get an email--and Maek said YES! Thanks Maek! I can't believe how cool this is! The message simply said, "That's cool. Your bed is ready." AAHH!! I love it. I read this out loud to Lucia, and we both burst into excitement and laughter. And then we high-fived. Booked the tickets, which were pretty cheap. 47.50 euros for Paris to London and 30 euros for the Eurostar back. The first one is more expensive since it's on a Friday. Plus, we'll be saving money since we've gots a place to stay. Yeah! London in March. Italy in April. Whoo! Yay for family abroad!