jeudi 17 janvier 2008

4 months is not enough, stationery, and undercover habits

Went to Mayflower last night for a framboise which I have not drunk in ages so yay for me and limiting my alcohol intake. David was there and looked kind of busy and annoyed. They can do that here. I mean, waiters don't have to be nice to you because they don't work for tips. Customer and worker are on the same level. So if you have a condescending douchebag that won't get you water because his girl just broke up with him, that's just too bad. Then when it wasn't so busy, David came by and asked how we were and if we were doing okay. So that was cool. Nayo and I discussed the new Micefa kids who just arrived here for the semester and those who just left.

I think it's absolutely ludicrous to stay here for one semester. There's no way you can pick up anything really substantial in that amount of time. Nayo said that by the time you leave, things are finally starting to progress. It's so true. If anyone reading this is planning to study abroad, make sure it's for the whole year. Trust us. It's worth it, and you won't regret it.

Was online last night searching for places in the US to buy the type of stationery and paper they sell here because I am in LOVE with Clairfontaine paper. Mostly their notebooks. I love French ruled paper too because it looks like graph paper but busier. Don't get me wrong, I still love my Moleskines, but when it comes to paper for school and notebooks--Clairefontaine. It's smooth, thick enough to use fountain pens that bleed a little, and eco-friendly. And no paper cuts! Rhodia notepads are cool too. I heard Francis Ford Coppola uses them.

I've started to develop these undercover spy-ish habits. I blame the movies and my own paranoia. For example, when I'm supposed to meet someone at the fountain at St. Michel, featured at the right, I never go and wait there. No, I wait at the bookstore across the street and watch until my friend arrives, and then I go there. Haha. Also looking for the nearest exit, the nearest object I can grab to cause bodily harm in case of attack, memorizing the best exits for the major metros that I frequent. Yeah!