lundi 19 novembre 2007

so cold

There's nothing more lovelier right now than walking into my warm, cozy studio from the freezing rain and cold. It's 45 degrees F. I grew up in southern California. That's cold to me. And it's only going to get colder. Bring it on. My body is getting used to it. I've been fighting this cold that's there and not there at the same time. But drinking lots and lots of tea has really helped. I love sitting at my window looking out onto the street and drinking my tea in the morning. I will never have this ever again. I'm also convinced that drinking tea is keeping my face relatively zit free. Yay!

So, with this cold, and my lack of winter clothes, I've been bundling up with layers of clothing. It's almost become a ritual. Tights under the pants. Knee-high socks over the tights. Long sleeve and short sleeve. Sweater and jacket. Scarf and beanie, then gloves. The parentals insist that I buy some sort of coat until my friend visits and brings my wool coat. I have decided on a long parka with a hood. I already have a wool coat and a jacket, but I don't have a long parka.

Braved the cold again with Kristin to meet Susie, her boyfriend Andy, Melissa, Alan, Taylor, Nayommee, and Sarah at this bar Shywawa at St. Michel. I almost didn't go just because I was about to log and capture clips from the Normandy trip to edit, but I decided to not be a hermit and to get a beer. I got a beer cocktail called a Monaco. It's Stella, limonade (like 7-up), and grenadine. It was tasty. I used to feel bad about drinking alcohol just because it's a lot of calories, but I made this rule that for every alcoholic drink I have, I have to drink a cup of tea. On top of my morning, afternoon (if possible), and evening tea, that's a LOT of tea. But I don't mind. I love tea.

It was a grand old time. I never used to go to bars even in SF. I just felt that was such an adult thing, and I've always felt intimidated going into one. Now, I really love it. It's really cute seeing Susie with her Andy. They're so great together. It's nice that they're handling this being away for a year thing well. Being around them made me miss hanging out with my Kuya and his now fiancée. Sometimes being with couples and being the single one can be either really cool or totally effing annoying, especially if your friend is different around her boyfriend. Luckily, that happens rarely.

I like what couples have, and I love the idea of relationships and commitment, but I also really like this independent Jane Eyre thing I got going on. And I didn't think I'd be like this, but I think I'd like to do this for a while, this independent thing until I'm finished with school. I thought I was independent in SF, but Paris just took it to a whole, new level, and I like it, I really do.

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